Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/03/2011

Every Picture Tells A Story

In this case, it took me five photos and I’m nowhere near telling the whole story yet. Instead I’ll supplement the images with some narrative.

You may have already see the video I posted on Flickr of a Little Egret, it wasn’t this one. Despite the large lagoon having more than enough space for a flock of egrets, a second egret near the reeds decided it didn’t like the presence of this new upstart and immediately flew in to warn it off. In Egret terms it must have been impressive or enough of a warning as the trespasser flew immediately off out of the pool.

I know the bird doesn’t exactly fill the frame but I think it tells the story well. There are still more photos from the shot, with the interloper flying into shot. Depending on how desperate I am for images over the next week they may well find themselves on line!

Well, I think I’ll leave it there for tonight, after last nights I think you deserve a night off! Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, adieu.



  1. I really like this one.

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