Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 28/03/2011

OS/X v10.6

Okay I admit it, the blog title is a bit of a geeky joke (is it actually a joke? that’d be a first!) and I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourselves if you don’t get it (hint: google it).

I’m fast approaching another milestone for the blog, having nearly reached the quarter way mark for this 365 days of blogging. I’ve been asked a number of times whether I find it easy or not, the simple answer is some days I do, some days it’s a little bit harder but still managed to find something to waffle about. Having an interesting photo or some tangential link often helps; I’m afraid my techie joke, earlier on, somewhat scuppered any musical thread but I couldn’t resist.

I’ve just been reviewing some photos I took on Sunday of the Little Egret. As mentioned the bird was at least 50 feet away and as such does not fill the full frame of the photo but never the less the 600mm produced razor sharp images (and I don’t mean a razor that has been used 300 times either, one fresh out of the packet). For those interested, or who have managed to stay awake this far, here’s a link to the video I took of the bird hunting for food (make sure you click HD to get full benefit). Notice the way it paddles, trying to disturb crustaceans, fish etc from the mud, it’s all very comical but not the only wader or sea bird to do this. I’ve watched Black Headed Gulls apply the same technique, though I’m not sure if it’s more or less effective with webbed feet as these gulls have.

No musical link but I have one ready for tomorrow image, though I wouldn’t get excited, whilst the band themselves are excellent especially with sunny weather we’re having but my tenious link won’t be! Here’s a little taster of the band… see if you can guess tomorrow’s title!


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