Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 26/03/2011

Flogging A Dead Horse

I know it’s not a horse and neither is it dead, but consider today’s title a polaric title. Having posted the last four photograph from our visit to Kew Garden last Saturday, the title of this blog felt highly appropriate. It was only when I was trying to choose an image from those four that I decided enough was enough and that I needed to post something new… something with fur, scales or feathers (no, you don’t get any points if you know which of the three I finally settle on (scales and feathers just aren’t as comfy anyway)).

I’ve already written about my trip to Marwell, and if it’s still fresh in my memory I’m sure it still is in your’s (so I won’t beat that poor horse any more).

The Serval is medium sized cat hailing from Africa and whilst, in the photo, it looks like the ears are disproportionate on the cat’s head, it’s actually the size of the head that seems incongruous to the rest of a Serval’s body which is much larger. As with any of the Medium/Big Cat family, their markings are magnificent and needless to say they have been hunted in the past for their pelts. However they are classified on the IUCN Red List (a measure of it’s conservation status) as of Least Concern, meaning their numbers in the Wild are healthy.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you, might also see another reference for today’s blog title continuing on the running musical theme. Anyone, anyone… Beuller? Well, it’s the title of an album containing singles, b-sides and anything else they could find by the Sex Pistols after the band had.. well, dis-banded, being released 3 years after the height of the Band’s success. The title was intentionally ironic, and typical of the band’s management, was an attempt to ring out every last penny (or dime) from the band’s success whilst they could. I’ll leave the final words to Mr Lydon (in his alter ego Johnny Rotten) who uttered the immortal words at the end of their final gig (San Francisco, 1978)…. “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”


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