Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/03/2011

And it was all Yellow

And still, I’m peddling photos taken last Saturday as we close in on the weekend and there are still more to come (though they may not make it on to the blog, it depends I think it will fit in with the current postings (it’s not haphazard, Dear Reader, these images are carefully selected to maintain continuity of quality – okay… okay… yes, I do just close my eyes and pick one at random, I admit it).

An easy one to guess, for today’s Blog title – a line taken from Coldplay‘s first real hit “Yellow” (I don’t think there’s anything there for the Pedants (another Indie band?) to pick up on today!)

Whilst I have been out every day with my camera gear, I have only half a dozen photos to show for my efforts, well, that and I’m now an inch shorter having compacted knees.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be out again, though this time with the slightly shorter but much lighter Sigma 150-500mm photographing the Under 12’s football team. After which, who knows? I’ll put my hide back out in the garden and leave it in situ whilst the local fauna get used to it (or decide to camp in it [ooh shut that door], more likely) and I’m going to move a prop (no, not Andrew Sheridan) away from the main feeders and start adding some niger seeds to it to see if I can train the birds to take food from it. Mind you with all this warm weather, insects are in abundance so it may be that they won’t need any extra food put out. There again, with all the food in the Supermarkets, MacDonalds still seems to manage to do a fair trade!



  1. Lovin’ the images on here. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with the niger seeds – the goldfinches here seem to have abandoned them entirely over the last week or so. Might have to resort to putting out some McNigers – flame grilled of course!

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