Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/03/2011

New Moon On Monday

C’mon admit it, you were a New Romantic during the 80’s weren’t you? Spandau Ballet, Blancmange, ABC, A Flock of Seagulls and of course Duran Duran who have supplied today’s Blog title (I’m glad someone else is taking responsibility). Actually there’s a nice tie in with this last band; I loved Duran Duran’s first, self-titled, album which reflected the early edgier side of the genre, after all who would have thought that when commercialism had hit, Spandau Ballet who had released “To Cut A Long Story Short” would then release songs such as “Gold” and “True” – turning the band from an interesting old building into a marble and glass office block (IMHO). Anyway, back to Duran Duran’s Duran Duran – this album contained the classic track (again IMHO) “Girls On Film“, who’s intro contains the sound of a film camera with motor driven wind on. This sound, to me, was the ultimate camera sound and one to try and aspire to. Many, many years later and my 1D can now rattle off far more frames than this per second and whilst not sounding exactly the same, is close enough for me.

Today’s image whilst not taken on a Monday (Saturday actually), was of a new moon, in fact it was classed as a supermoon with it being closer to the earth than normal. The moon’s orbit is not actually circular but elliptical, and so the occurrence of a new moon when it is closes to the earth is an infrequent occurrence. The last supermoon was recorded in 1993, and the next one won’t occur until 2029. After our visit to Kew I went out with my camera gear and managed to take this image. I wouldn’t normally post an image like this to Flickr but when you look more closely at the top edge of the moon you can actually make out the contours of the surface – something that blew me away. Lord only know what it was like for the astronauts landing on there, it must have been literally out of this world!


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