Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/03/2011

Mr Blue Sky

At the very height of Punk in the UK, 1977, ELO released Mr Blue Sky and was probably the very antithesis of the alternative movement’s values but hey, I like Punk, but I also like a good tune and this song certainly has that in abundance.

Today has been a corker of a day, weather wise, and mirrors the vivid clear blue sky in this photo (well, clear apart from that damned tree that got in the way!), again taken at Kew Gardens last Saturday.

I’ll get back to the photo in a minute, but back to today for the moment. I went out with my camera gear to capture some more images and to soak up as much of the warm rays (if ever there were a name for an Indie band “The Warm Rays” should be one – I’ve looked on youtube, can’t find one!) as I could. Whilst I could hear the alarm calls of many birds, as people walked past, I couldn’t entice any near. The nearest I got to a bird was a Chiffchaff about 20 feet away but it was in shadows and I decided to just enjoy the show, rather than get a black-smudge-on-a-black-background type of photo. On a more positive note, I’ve now identified the field where the Skylark (all aboard) flies from so will have to spend more time there to try and identify the spot where it’s nesting.

On a side note, I did witness something very funny today, or rather heard something very funny. Having ensconced myself on a board walk, and kept still, birds started calling normally and ignoring me. That was until a car alarm when off and suddenly all the birds seemed to join in (including one I couldn’t identify!) – perhaps I should take an alarm with me in future!

Back to today’s image, taken last weekend, but which most people will see tomorrow unless they only visit at the start of a week so that could then be next weekend, and if you’re watching this on Dave, it’s probably Sunday evening. A-n-y-w-a-y, I was struck how Japanese the colours of this photo are – and whilst they’re not the same tree (cherry) – the blossom could easily have been taken in Ueno Park which is famous for it’s long rows of Cherry Trees. Unfortunately we missed the display by a matter of weeks when we visited back in 2002. I vowed at the time to go back some day, especially as Steller’s Sea Eagles visit the northern island during their winter. I guess I’ll have to catch the last train to tokyo!

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