Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/03/2011

Pull My Socks Up

I stated at the beginning of the year that I wanted to get at least 50% more hits on Flickr this year than last, and I’m certainly well on the way to achieve that, however really I’m aiming a lot higher. I don’t know whether I haven’t spent as much time on Flickr than previously or whether my photos have not been up the those in in January and February but visit have slowed down a little which is a little disheartening.

Still, it won’t dissuade me as that’s not the real reason I take photos – I love capturing all the nuances of the natural (and sometime unnatural) world. At the risk of repeating myself (and why not, after all it’s a type of recycling so it must be good for the environment) I take immense enjoyment from observing things I’ve not witnessed before, whether it’s the Iris of a Steller’s Sea Eagle, or the stamen of a small flower nature really is a wonder. So as the blog title suggests, I need to dust myself down and keep doing (perhaps I need a Spring Clean – perhaps it’s the smell putting people off!)

Don’t worry I’m going to turn this moaning into a rant about the fragile planet (I’m saving that for another day).

Today’s image was again taken at Kew Gardens in the Temperate House. These buds (and spawn) were less than a centimetre across and their exquisite heart shape were probably more attractive than the open flower (can you remember the 4 main component I mentioned a few blogs back? See I said at one point I’d be setting an exam). I’ve some more flowers from my visit and will be drip feeding them to Flickr over the rest of the week. Ooh that Cardiacs (my favourite band)reference earlier in this paragraph (1000 points if you knew what it was before clicking on it) has fair got me in the mood for some more Heaven Born And Ever Bright anyone?


  1. lovely photo

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