Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/03/2011

It’s alive… alive I tell ya!

If you’ve read yesterday’s post (esp if you’ve seen my Facebook status) you can probably guess what the title of today’s blog is about? The donation of a router power supply brought the dsl box back in the land of the living, however, the connection username and password were missing for some reason. I’ve stored a number of passwords “in the cloud” but that’s no use when you can’t get on the cloud in the first place, so it’s a good job I keep a local copy – and after having mistyped the password a couple of times, here I am, back at 8Mbps. Getting back online at home at this speed felt like the first time I upgraded from a dial-up service to broadband.

Enough techie stuff, but it’s good to have broadband back – makes writing the blog and uploading to Flickr a lot easier.

Well, the camera gear hasn’t been out in the last two days, we’ve certainly not had the weather for such things but I had a number of other things to do before this weekend. Having moved all the camera kit that had migrated down to my office, out temporarily, I suddenly realised that I could do with a room or a studio to just house the camera gear. A studio would have the added advantage of being able to mock up scenes and introduce wildlife into it – the way a lot of professional TV work is done. I remember one specific film I watched of a Honey Buzzard peering down into a bees nest (in the ground) where the camera was looking up from the bees perspective. Many people watching had thought the shot of the bird looking down was the same shot but from a different angle as the shot looking up. The film maker admitted to us all that in fact these were two different birds, and the techniques he had employed, including indoor shooting. An insightful glimpse into the film makers world.

Today show was taken on the same outing as the previous two days, and the male Mallard is actually dabbling for the sunflower seeds I’d been casting into the water. It’s a wonder there aren’t any in the photo (and no, I’ve not photoshopped them out). I’d be Quackers to do such a thing. Boom Boom.



  1. After reading this I have pictures of Dr Doolittle’s house running through my head! I guess the key here is to avoid big game type animals!

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