Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/03/2011

Okay No.1, clear for take orf, chocks away!

Only a couple of images on flickr today as the power supply on my broadband router has decided to pack in… again! Luckily there’s more than one way to skin a cat but don’t let the RSPCA hear that or else we’re both in trouble.

Perhaps not a stunning image today, but one I like as I watched the cormorant prepare for it’s take off. It sat there for what seemed like an eon but was probably only 20 seconds if truth be told (and would I lie to you, dear Reader?) before it finally took to the wing – actually it took to the wings – it wasn’t as if it were only using one (now that WOULD be showing off).

I remember the first time I saw a cormorant inland. I had always presumed they were restricted to coastal regions and so on my way by bus as a student, to Nottingham for a day trawling the record stores, I was rather confused to see six rather large black birds sitting in a tree over looking the Trent.

Cormorant like it’s noisier and more pervasive neighbours, the gull family, will live anywhere where there’s a readily available food source. Unlike the Gull’s however, the Cormorants haven’t forgotten where they come from and still feed on fish rather than MacDonald’s or rubbish tips. In fact, as I watched this emerald green eyed bird swimming and diving, swimming and diving, it managed to catch what looked like a rather large fish. Perhaps that’s why it needed so long to prepare for take off!

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