Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/03/2011

A single pineapple Latte to go please

The above photo is a single still from a series of four photos on Flickr, taken on a sunny afternoon at Bristol Zoo, that shows an adult female attempting to consume every last drop out of a large tetra pack of Pineapple juice. With all of the apes ensconced within their indoor enclosures, three of these powerful creatures made a break for the outside, I presume the cartons of juice had just been given to them.

One male, which looked to be more of an adolescent than adult, escaped with one carton of juice into a covered shelter, whilst the female pictured above climbed up on to a high wooden dais. A third gorilla, obviously much younger than the first and possibly still emotionally attached to this matriarchal adult, tried it’s best to obtain some of this aromatic, sweet drink…. by snatching the container from it’s senior’s hands ripping it in the process.

Pineapple juice spilled all down the more aged gorilla but unperturbed it tried to retrieve what liquid it could. Whilst the younger ape licked what was left off the other’s stomach.

This all happened in less than 5 second but was fantastic to watch(it’s taken me far longer to write about it than that).

On a tangent, today was the last day of Focus-on-Imaging, the premier UK camera show with trade and public mixing alike. With Canon having dropped out at the last minute there was less there of interest than I had hoped for. Unlike previous years, none of the stands were selling or even displaying Camouflage gear such as hides or even lens sleeves – obviously a sign of the times.

I did managed to get a stand up hide with an aperture for my lens to stick through which will, when combined, look like a dalek. Tenuous link number 435, their catchphrase echo’s much of what I’ve been writing about recently in regards to declining number of species around the world… Exterminate. (I said it was tenuous!)

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