Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/03/2011

Where to go?

It’s been a gloriously sunny day today in the UK, and it looks like continuing into the weekend which raises the dilemma, where to go? I can go to my usual haunts where I know I will be able to get some photos but they will probably some that you and I have seen before, or do I go somewhere else and risk not getting any photos at all?

Hmmm, I suppose I do have one other option, go somewhere I’ve been before and know quite well but not for a long time and certainly not with my new camera gear. Actually, that sounds like a plan, are we in agreement? So now… where to go? I love taking photos of birds but feel that a change is in order and perhaps other branches of the fauna tree of life should be given their chance to perform in front of my camera, so perhaps a zoo is in order. I’ll leave you (and me) to guess which one I end up at.

Today’s image is of a Black-chested buzzard-eagle, a bird obviously hedging it’s bets with it’s duplicitous classification. Eagle… Buzzard, and sometimes even described as a hawk which neatly (or conveniently) leads me into an article that was published on the BBC’s website outlining the state of Britain’s Birds of Prey. It seems to corroborate many of the things I’ve written about recently in regards to UK species. Rather than paraphrasing it, I’ll let you read it for yourself – click here for the link. There are some winners… and some losers, and if we don’t act to save the later, we’ll ultimately be the losers without these spectacular birds in our skies.



  1. Cool picture! I like taking pictures of clouds sometimes, just as a hobby.

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