Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/03/2011


See what I mean? That’s one evil stare from what is one of the world’s largest eagles, the Steller’s (Artois) Sea Eagle – I know, I know, it’s a different spelling but work with me on this and we’ll both get through this a lot quicker!

There are three real contenders for the World’s Biggest Eagle (biggest – such a vague unscientific term) and which position they hold depends upon how you deceipher ‘Biggest’. The three contenders are Steller’s Sea Eagle, Harpy Eagle and Philippine Eagle (Sorry, White Tailed Sea Eagle, not today). Of the three, the Steller’s is certainly the heaviest bird in the world (especially at christmas), however the Philippine Eagle has a larger body, with one recorded specimen standing 1.12m high!

Both the Harpy and the Philippine birds are forest dweller, unlike the Steller’s, and as such have relatively short wings for their size. With restricted space in woodlands, the birds wings have to be small to allow them to be more manoeuvrable when on the hunt. The Steller’s, however, is more used to sitting in tree’s by open water waiting for salmon to swim by, it’s staple diet and has the longest wing span of the three birds at up to 2.3m. Hang on, Steller’s, Salmon… this sounds more like an M&S advert… this isn’t just a Sea Eagle, it’s a large, intimidiating, extremely powerful Steller’s Sea Eagle.


  1. These are some nice photographs man. Very interesting post as well. Thanks for sharing,
    – Nate

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