Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 26/02/2011

Teacher, Teacher

Hopefully, with each blog I write, there may be a crumb of information in there that you’ve not read somewhere on the Internet*, though this in itself is a bit of a tall order.

As I’ve said before, I’m continually learning new aspects to familiar and unfamiliar wildlife subjects through my photography, subtle details I’d previously overlooked or mannerisms that I’d missed. One such trait, like people who choose the same parking space each day, birds also have a favourite perch.

After five minutes in the Kingfisher Hide** at Slimbridge, it was easy to see which branches various birds preferred when returning to the enormous seed laden feeders. After many unsuccessful attempts to capture the Great Tit sufficiently well at home, I finally managed to get somewhere near with this image, though I would have preferred stronger lighting.

Now, here the slightly educational bit, for those who aren’t conversant with the calls of a Great Tit, it’s most widely known and easily identifiable call sounds just like the title of today’s, blog.. “teacher, teacher“. It’s even been used in a piece of classical music***.

* where else would you be looking after all!
** no, we didn’t see any when we were there, but it was the wrong time of year.
*** It’s true – you can check it here (read the Program paragraph).


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