Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/02/2011

Look into my eyes…

…you are feeling very sleepy. Yep, must be time to read another one of my Blogs! More photos uploaded to Flickr today from my visit to the International Bird of Prey Centre in Newent and I’ve still more to go over the coming days.

Today’s Photo of The Day is of a female Goshawk, a bird I’ve been wanting to see and photography for a good while. Found throughout the Northern Hemisphere it can be an elusive bird preferring deep wooded areas to nest and hunt in.

The fierce gaze from the bird can be quite intimidating, especially when both eyes are trained on you. The male of the species is even more striking with dark grey/blue plumage offsetting orange of the eye perfectly and making it’s stare even more intense.

So far the description could quite easily match that of the more abundant Sparrowhawk, however the Goshawk is a much larger bird and not one you’re likely to see in your back garden, which is quite possible with a Sparrowhawk – so keep those eye’s peeled and you might find you’re on the receiving end of an equally intense glare.


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