Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/02/2011

Short and Sweet

Half Term is nearly upon us and I’m hoping to get out and about a bit more to photograph. One aim is to visit Slimbridge, the head quarters of the Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust (WWT) and a place I’ve visited a number of times before.

Previous visits help to make a day more productive, knowing when birds are more active, the position of the sun at the times throughout the day etc.

There were changes afoot when we were last there, and it’ll be interesting to see how things have progressed. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer as snow was on the ground previously. Whilst this did make for some good photos, it was certainly cold; in fact it was so cold last time I had to go out and buy myself a pair of sturdy (and warm) hiking boots.

So with boots, fleeces, 1D4 and 600mm, I’m hoping to make the most of the forthcoming 7 days. Fingers crossed the weather will be as good to me as it was in today’s image of the Blue Tit, lit only by the late afternoon sun. Better make sure I’m wearing my Hawaiian shirt in case there’s a heatwave!


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