Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/02/2011

Or Kidding Me?

Orchids are usually associated with warm and exotic place, rather than the temperate climate of the UK, but there are actually 52 varieties that natively occur here. This, however, isn’t one of them.

I’m hoping to get out and photograph a number of the UK orchids as there are some well known spots nearby, that once the weather warms up will play host to these magnificent flower specimens. Just not this one.

Of the many UK varieties, it’s the Bee Orchid that I want to photograph the most; getting it’s name from the way it mimic’s a bee’s outline, it’s shape is used to help it attract these insects to aid in it’s pollination. This one isn’t shaped that way.

So, this one (finally) was taken at Kew Gardens and is more of a Slipper Orchid, of the family Paphiopedilum. I love the way the flower seems to jump out of the photo, ideally I would have taken the leaf off the plant, but I suspect the officials at Kew might have been a bit perturbed by such actions! Part of the Tropical Extravaganza, it was an Orchid enthusiast’s dream. Now I wonder how much they’d be willing to pay for an orchid bulb or two? Possibly this one!



  1. That is a beautiful shot, I will look forward to seeing more of your orchid shots as they are one of my favourite plants! I did know there were a few native to UK but didn’t realise it was as many as 52! Good Luck with finding them.

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