Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/02/2011

The Camera Never Lies..

.. oh yes it does! Another example of what the awesome (there got it in already) Canon 1D4 can do, despite low light levels. Taken at the end of the day on a cloudy and cold February afternoon, the Northern White Faced Owl (yes, it is an Owl today and not a relative of the nightjar *) was hidden in amongst some overhanging conifers within it’s cage, further shaded by surrounding trees.

To further complicate the matter, with a minimum focusing distance of 5.5m (18ft) I had to stand well back from the cage, at an angle to the bars; in fact it’s a wonder I managed to get a photo of the bird at all (what a Hero!).

So to summarise, it was night, and there was a piece of sheet metal in front of the bird – but by simply setting the ISO up high (2500) and using a wide open aperture (f5.6) – the camera was able to effortlessly melt the cage bars away and bring out the sun. Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating just a little there but this camera really does take anything I’ve tried to throw at it so far in it’s stride.

Canon have just announced a new version of the 600mm lens; looking at the specifications there is little of interest with the exception of a shorter focusing distance (4.5m). Canon have priced the lens at such high level that it would be cheaper to go out and buy a small family car for the same price – and as the main complaint of the 600mm lens is it’s weight perhaps this would be the better option for anyone thinking of buying one of these lenses – get a version 1 of the lens and a car for the same price!

This Blog posting is a bit of a milestone, it’s my 100th since I first started blogging way back in November 2009.  At the time I didn’t know what I was going to write about specifically, wanting to investigate the whole blogging process.  Now I’ve set myself the goal, as mentioned, of writing a blog a day for the whole of 2011 – after which… who knows.

* read yesterday’s post if you’re confused!


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