Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/02/2011

Fame at last!!

Well, not quite! As you may have read last year I won the Dartmoor Zoo photographic competition with my image of Sita the Cheetah taken during my visit to the zoo.

The image is being used for an advert that will be in the Primary Times, a  free magazine that is distributed to school in the UK and Ireland. An established publication it has a distribution of 2.3 million copies per issue, it’ll be nice to think so many people will see my photo, as well as hopefully visiting the zoo.

Most bands are known for a specific song, their Magnum Opus, and in some way I feel that this image is my photographic equivalent. Mind you, a photograph I took at the same Zoo of a Racoon peering out of a tree trunk does come a close second.

The photo of Sita was taken with the Canon 1D4 (see, I managed to say it without saying how awesome it is… still… oh, oops) and the 600mm prime lens. I’ve mentioned about depth of field/focus before – you know the score – but the 600mm excels at it (you could even say it’s awesome!). The Racoon, however, whilst still taken with the 1D4 (awesome, sorry just can’t help myself) was coupled up to the Canon 100-400mm. This lens has to be one of the best and most versatile lenses to have in your arsenal (c’mon you gooners), not only does it cover a huge focal range, but is pin sharp – not something usually associated with zoom lenses.

I think Dartmoor Zoo have done a fantastic job of the advert and I’m so proud that it is being used. Just need to work out how to get those 2.3million people reading my blog!

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