Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/01/2011

One month down, 11 more to go…

31 days of continual blogging into the year and so far I’ve managed to keep to my new year resolution and I’m pleased to say my flickr views total is also looking health. As mentioned, I had set myself a 50% increase in views on last years total, this needing an average of 160 hits per day on the 1st January.

With daily uploads, and increasing number of contacts, I now only have to maintain 148 views per day to reach this total, secretly though, (though not so secretly now) I would like instead of 60,000 views this year (taking my total to 100,000) I’d like to have over 100,000 visits which I seem to be well on the way to.

Damn, there I’ve jinxed myself and now will probably be only visited by tumble weed rolling through the empty ghost town that my jinxed account will turn into! Probably not!

The other area I’d like to increase traffic to is this blog, dear Reader; I’m grateful that a number of you regularly take time out of your day, or night, to read my ramblings and dare I say perhaps even enjoy them – no actually, I daren’t say that! – but it would be nice to reach a wider audience. So, if you know anyone who has insomnia or needs to slow down in some way – send them to this here blog – guaranteed to send anyone to sleep!


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