Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/01/2011

Another Departure..

.. from my wildlife photography but one I’m equally obsessed with, both interests having started in my early childhood.

We’re very lucky to have, on our doorsteps, one of the top Heritage Railways in Britain the Mid Hants Railway, or as it’s more commonly known The Watercress Line.

This image is of the Southern Region locomotive Lord Nelson, now on loan from the National Railway Museum collection in York to the Watercress line. This was the second time we’d seen the engine in quick succession, the engine having been present at the Eastleigh Works centenary back in 2009, the engine having been built there back in 1926.

Such open days are rare occurances these days,and in fact the works is no longer a manufacturing plant; instead it is leased by private companies that undertake locomotive refurbishments for both mainline and preservation organisations.

A wide range of engines that had either been built or maintained on-site were present as well as a few special guest, such as a preserved Deltic, an engine that never really worked the south coast it being responsible for hauling expresses from Kings Cross to Edinburgh in the 70s and 80s.

Modern day locomotives, few and far between as they are, do not have the same appeal as these steam engines, nor even the early diesel locomotives. Having said that, there is one current engine named after a favourite Punk guitarist.. Captain Sensible (of the Damned) perhaps I could get the two to pose together and I’d combine three of my favourite past times… and if I can get a lemur or possibly a cheetah in the shot as well – that would be Nirvana (not quite).. Smells More like Diesel Oil than teen spirit.


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