Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/01/2011

Stop, I want to get off, I feel sick

Well, this was bound to happen sickness stops play, and as such I’ve decided to write a few blogs in advance so that I can at least keep my New Years Resolution of a Blog-A-Day going.

So, without new photos to upload or discuss what shall I talk about. Well, again I’ve put a side a few old images that might help with that. The current batch of photos were all taken in 2007, the Merry-go-round was taken at the Thursford Collection in Norfolk whilst the sea views are of the Solent near Hill Head. Both batches were taken with my Canon 5d and 24-105mm lens.

The Merry-go-round photos are good examples of long exposure photos to produce light trails or blurs. A well documented technique, the idea is to keep the shutter open as long as possible. In this instance I chose an ISO of 50 coupled with a very small aperture, F/22 and as a result the exposure was 10 seconds long. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, a tripod is a must for this type of shot; to minimise any camera shake any further, I used cable release and mirror lock up. This last fact is quite important with the 5d as the large mirror fair shakes the camera when it fires, commonly being refered to by 5D owners as “mirror slap“.

The two beach scenes are a good example of the mininal post processing I will undertake with my photos. Whilst I own a number of (expensive) graduated filters (1st from Oxford), I do not own any coloured filters which can be so useful with scenic photography. Should I own such a thing as a Cokin z-Pro 124 tobacco grad T1 filter (and who doesn’t?) I might well have used it for this photo but in it’s absence I created this using Photoshop Elements, applying a colour cast to the whole photo and which, in my opinion, turns a simple photo into something much more moody and interesting.

Well, hopefully normal service will return soon but in the mean time, here’s some music….


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