Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/01/2011

Rain stops play

Once again the weather is sufficiently poor to stop any attempt I had in mind of photographing the waxwings today. However the day was not completely lost; whilst investigating why an external thermometer’s radio transmitter wasn’t working I suddenly had the revelation of a new photo opportunity.

Most of the birds that come to the feeders do so from one of three locations around the garden; one of these, whilst close to the house, has a fence directly behind it. I know the shallow depth of field is good on the 600mm lens but I don’t think it will disguise the fence sufficiently. The new location has been staring me in the face throughout my winter snappings from the house – it in itself being a house, ready made to make into an ad hoc hide – my boy’s play house.

The house is up on stilts, raising it up sufficiently to be inline with some of the branches that the birds fly from. There are windows on three sides of the “property” two of which will provide good vantage points for the overhanging branches where the birds land; the windows are easily removable, and as there are some hooks inside the house, I should be able to rig up a sheet through which I’ll point my camera and mask myself from the wildlife.

A real bonus is that I can get a wireless signal in the hide so should be able to be online whilst in there, uploading images as and when I need to. Or perhaps just watch iPlayer when there’s nothing happening.

So that’s the location sorted, just need to work out how to get a beer fridge out there next!



  1. A very beautiful job.

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