Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/01/2011

Back to Basics..

yes another Billy Bragg album title to start the day, though quite what it has to do with this photo even I’m not too sure at this stage… but still I’m sure it’ll come to me as I ramble on.

I had high hopes for some great waxwing shots today, the lighting first thing seemed to promise for blue skies and plenty of good strong sunlight. However even before 9am, the dank grey that epitomises this melancholic time of year had set in and with little chance of realising the photos I had in mind I decided to stay put.

Along with the usual suspects on the feeders, the Long Tailed Tits made a reappearance. As there is only one small reminence of a fat ball in it’s feeder, the birds were having trouble keeping the fat ball still enough to get any food from it.

Phil has taken up permanent residence, so it would seem. Skulking in the hedgerow along one side of our garden when not decimating the food I put on the floor for the ground feeding birds. I’m just waiting for him to jump up on the feed tray when the lower food runs out, something that I suspect will be highly amusing.

The squirrels have been conspicious by their absence during the appearance of the pheasant and it could be that this large formidable bird is the best deterent for these glutenous grey marauders. I will have to start rationing the amount of food I’m putting out (a link to the title?), having gone through a 5Kg back of seed in the blink of an eye. As much for the birds sake as anything, one of the female chaffinches was looking distinctly plump and with a resident sparrowhawk, I’m only thinking of their own good. I wonder if there’s an excercise video I can put on for them?



  1. Came to your website through Bing. You already know I will be subscribing to your rss feed.

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