Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/01/2011

What’s Up Doc….

At last a blue sky, but sadly not one I could take advantage of today, work commitments having taken precedence. As such, I decided to hunt through my spring photos to find some cheery image to remind me of warm vernal days which I hope will be upon us soon.

Of the many photographs of Lavender in my flickr stream, for once, this is not one from my garden. Stoechas, Topped, French or Spanish Lavender as it can be called, is less hardy than the common lavender around our house, but who’s aromatic oils are more richly scented. Because of this, it is this variety that you will more commonly find used for commercial purposes such as air fresheners and aroma therapy oils.

This photo was taken with a Canon 5d and a sigma 150mm macro lens utilising natural light as the key light source. The wide apperture of f2.8 coupled with the proximity to the subject and focal length of the lens results in a pleasant blurring of the background which we photographers refer to as depth of field (though this should really be called depth of focus but that’s a subject for another blog).

Hopefully tomorrow will be as sunny as today and fingers cross I’ll be able to take advantage of the great light levels to finally get the pictures I’m hoping for of the Waxings. To paraphrase Elma Fudd “It’s Waxwing season, and I’m hunting waxwings, so be vewy, vewy quiet!

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