Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/01/2011

Oldie but goodie

.. goodie, goodie, yum yum.  An introduction more fitting for my avian photography than a frost autumnal still life (Bill Oddie from the Goodies is as well know in the UK as an expert in the Bird Watching field).
This photo is a good example of something I no longer engage in with my photography, post processing.  As I’ve mentioned before I now find that the JPG images I get straight from the camera are as perfect an image as I’m likely to achieve and no longer work on the RAW images, though oddly I do still save both RAW and JPG images.  My current work flow consists of uploading and sorting the images to JPG/RAW, selecting the images I want to upload to flickr.  These are then run through a small application I have that adds my name and website to each image after which they are uploaded using Flickr Uploadr.  This saves me an enormous amount of time sitting in front of keyboard and screen and after 18 hours working in front of three computers this weekend, not something I want to do in my spare time*.
I do, however, acknowledge this image is all the better for some post processing, boosting the contrast and saturation to enhance the myriad of rich autumnal colours further to produce such a striking image. So as they say, never say never (was that a James Bond Film?**)

Taken back in 2005 with a Canon 300d and 18-55mm lens, it’s still an image I find immensely satisfying to look at.  It captures so well the rich hues of the autumnal foliage, accentuated by the strong hoar frost on the leaves, it makes you almost feel cold looking at it.

* with the exception, Dear Reader, of writing this blog.

** No!


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