Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/01/2011

Reynard the fox

Characterised as a fast and cunning individual in the John Masefield poem, the fox is one of the british creatures that I’ve never had a good opportunity to photograph. I have spotted several animals around the village and we’ve even had them use our garden as a shortcut albeit fleetingly but not snapped successfully.

Luckily a number of zoos and wildlife parks around the UK keep these opportunistic creatures, and it’s always engaging to watch these relatively shy animals from close quarters. This photo was taken at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, a zoo that as the name suggests contains only indigenous British species of animals, birds and reptiles. With a large undulating enclosure, it was far from easy snapping these fleeting rufus canines but this image seems to capture the furtive and suspicious characteristics often attributed to these animals.

Taken back in 2008, I was using a Canon 5D and sigma 80-400mm lens, a great combination but needless to say I’m planning a return trip with my current gear so that I can do justice to our wonderful British wildlife. As well as the fox the other creature there I want to make a beeline for is the adder. As said already, I love snakes and the Britain’s only venomous snake is a fantastic specimen of the viper family with it’s red staring eyes make for a great photographic subject. I’ll have to ensure all those years of watching Austin Stevens or Steve Irwin don’t compel me to try and interact with the creature, otherwise it won’t be the snake that will be a little bit grumpy.



  1. The fox is beautiful. Do you have any photos of animals in their natural environment?

    • Thanks. I’m hoping to get out more this year, including a trip to Kenya. Whilst there is plenty of wildlife in the UK, the opportunity does not rise too often to get out – again I’m hoping to rectify this.

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