Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/01/2011

Raining Cats and Dogs

A weather report has been issued today in the UK for possible flooding to low lying areas and other places prone to such build ups of water. It seems that half of the world is experiencing devastation by excess rain fall, with some places having over a years worth of precipitation in a single day. None, so far, have felt such wide spread submersion as Queensland, Australia with recordings of water levels 19m above normal.

Looking at the wide spread coverage across the internet today, and having taken a road trip through the affected areas, familiar vistas in places like Rockhampton and Brisbane now seem like something out of a Hollywood movie. Let’s hope we’ve seen the worst of the weather and that life for all those people affected returns to normality as quickly as possible.

There is a link to today’s picture (a photo from last year). I remember reading a story where a 20ft Salt Water Crocodile had been spotted in the river near down-town Brisbane many years ago. With all that people have had to content with, such perils could pose a very real threat.

I usually like to finish my blog with some flippant or dare I say witty remark but as I sit listening to the pounding rain outside, it hardly seems fitting, so I’d just like to thank you for staying with me this far on such a sombre blog and I’d like to wish you well, wherever you may be.



  1. I like your writing too.
    Thank you.


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