Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/01/2011

See you, Jimmy

Not exactly one of my best photos, so why is it POTD you may ask? Well it shows exactly what I’ve been enjoying so much with my photography this year – how much is revealed of the natural world that quite often is overlooked. I was amazed, with this photo, at how much the protruding steel grey stigma of this highly ornate flower resembled pieces of wrought iron work I’ve seen expertly made at forges we’ve visited. A case of art mimicking life.

Another example of the natural work revealed is the latest photo of one of my favourite of the Teal family, the Ringed Teal. I’ve photographed this family of bird over many years but it was only with the close-ups I managed to take this weekend that I noticed the row of what look like teeth along the bill which I’ve never seen before. This comb-like structure is called a pecten and is characteristic of many dabbling ducks. It is used to strain the water squirting from the side of the beak and traps any food, similarly to the fiunction of the baleen in a filter feeding whale. In addition the pecten is also used to preen feather, unlike a whale!

These two are only a small percentage of the plethora I’ve witnessed this year, and each little nuance inspires me to try and convey the magnificence of mother nature. Hopefully what inspires me also inspires anyone who looks at my photos or reads this blog – yes, Mrs Miggins I’m talking to you again.

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