Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/01/2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!


For anyone who follows this blog on a regular basis, yes I’m talking about you Mrs Miggins, then you will have seen a common thread running throughout the posts and one that possible dates me (beyond cutting me in half and counting the rings). Each generation have their own cultural reference points and mine are firmly fixed in the alternative comedy genre of Monty Python, Blackadder, Not The 9 O’Clock News and Have I Got News For You as opposed to Ali G, Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show; hence the title of this blog.

The POTD for today is a bit of a departure from my normal photos, and as I’ve mentioned I don’t think I’m pigeon holed as purely a Nature Photographer though admittedly it’s what I enjoy most. This abstract, unlike some of my previous one such as this, was a simple snap of ripple on a pond. I achieved the abstract quality simply by using a large lens, no guessing – my beloved 600mm, and a large aperture, in this case f5.6 (as I had the 1.4x extender fitted).

A fan of Kandinsky, Bauhaus and abstract art since university days, it’s the Impressionists (“just like that”) I find myself influenced by more when trying to capture something more obscure. Whilst this images lacks the greens, purples and red so iconic in Monet’s water-lilly scenes it does have that softness of tones and milkiness of structure.

On that pretentious note and  to finish how I started, quoting Monty Python, “Stop That Now, It’s Silly



  1. love the photo and especially the juxtaposition between the hard lines of icy water and the milky steam of a hot coffee, a nod in the direction of the great Oliver Postgate. “In a bunch, In a bunch”

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