Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/01/2011

Time, Gentlemen please.

The bell has been rung for time, and with the last day of Christmas holidays nearing an end, normality is but a few hours away. The Christmas tree is ensconced in the garage and all the decorations are back in the box and it’s now time to plan holidays for the forthcoming year.

With friends and “family” down in Cornwall in the summer, we will also be making our way down as well, stopping off at the wonderful Dartmoor Zoo on the way. Filming has already started in LA for a film based on the owner of Dartmoor Zoo’s autobiography and I eagerly wait to see both the film and again the zoo.

My Father and I have been talking, for over a year, about a trip to Kenya to go on safari, my Dad having been numerous times already. This year finally looks like the year when I will get out there – and whilst there are a number of logistics to work out the biggest is how to transport the 600mm lens. The drainpipe piece of glass comes with it’s own flight case, securing the lens in enough padding and hard covering to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. However, with the 600mm being the second most expensive lens Canon sell, I’m rather apprehensive that it might just get mislaid during transit. Of course insurance will cover the financial cost however the inconvenience of being away from home on a once in a life time trip(pah, never again – joke courtesy of Tim Vine ) without this awesome lens. The only solution I’ve come up with so far is to imitate Jake the Peg.


  1. WOW.
    This is absolutely fantastic!
    I love the DoF and how crystal clear the bird is.

    • Thanks very much; taken on a rare day when the sun decided to make an appearance.

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