Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/01/2011

Weather, you do mock me

Quite predictably, with no work commitments and so the shackles of sitting at my desk all day gone, the weather decided that today was not going to be a play day, well a photo day that is. However during my brief stint behind the lens yesterday I also managed to capture this beautiful little bird who seems to rule the roost where the feeders are concerned.

Truly top of the pecking order on the feeders, all other birds shy away from where the Nuthatch is. I have seen a Robin try and stand up to one, the nuthatch looking highly bemused by the robin’s postulating and with one wave of it’s beak frightened the aggressor off.

Many of the birds visiting the garden seem to be gaining in confidence enough to no longer just hit the feeders and run, well fly; and as with the Blue Tit yesterday and the nuthatch today, these birds are venturing a little nearer on to a log where I have hidden some seed (there my secret is out!).

A sustained food source will hopefully entice more and varied creatures into the garden, so when the sun does finally decides to make regular appearances I should be able to capture some great looking natural images. C’mon Sun do your worst!


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