Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/01/2011

Picture of the Day 01 January 11

Happy New Year! Oh I’ve already said that.. Sleep deprivation does dreadful things to the brain.

Here goes with my attempt at a Photo of the Day on flickr, and it’s been a bit of a challenge. A trip out to the Living Rainforest seemed promising but with the continuing inclement weather, overcast skies and any light which was available filtered out by the amassed foliage in the various glasshouses we wandered around I didn’t have much hope of taking any photos good enough to upload. Even with the camera set at ISO 6400, I was unable to photography anything with a pulse with the exception of this newly emerged butterfly.

I’ve also started a wildlife diary, noting down all wild birds and animals on a daily basis. This was kick started by a rare visitor to the garden, a male Bullfinch. Unmistakable with it’s scarlet front and black cap, unfortunately all my camera equipment had been packed away for the christmas period but it was a good start to the wildlife list, and a challenge to try and photograph later in the year.

So that’s my Blog of The Day for my Photo of the Day for the 1st of January – how long will I be able to continue this?|

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