Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/12/2010

I say.. I say.. I say…


Woodpideon, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

…there have been numerous comments on Flickr about this photo, and a few share the same humorous feelings this picture invokes. The image is crying out for a speech bubble to be photoshopped on with some witty comment, which I may well do when such inspiration hits me.

Speaking of hitting, we have two separate piles of pigeon feathers in the garden indicating a well-fed raptor is in the vicinity. We have seen a wide variety of birds of prey around the garden including Buzzards, Red Kites, Hobby, and Peregrin but the likely culprit will more than likely be a Sparrowhawk, which I have managed to see over the house but only once. A fantastic bird of prey with the most startling orange eyes, I have yet to get a satisfactory picture of one of these birds. With them obviously in the area I may well be in luck, especially with the number of over fed pigeons that visit our garden.. minus two.

It’s coughs and cold season once again, and I succumbed earlier in the week to the various germs that are going around. As a result, I didn’t manage many new photos, in part to my illness but mainly due to poor lighting conditions. With the cold weather still upon us, I managed to replenish the feeding stations, this photo being taken shortly after they were refilled. An indication of how cold it has been, along with all the usual suspects previously mentioned, we also saw a Jay come down to feed. A glorious specimen of the avian species, apparently this is the bird the RSPB gets most calls about from non-birders. “Hello is that the RSPB, I have the most exotic looking bird in my garden”, “That’ll be a Jay


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