Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/12/2010

Ahead by a whisker


Amur Leopard Cub, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

An old image from 2008 today, I still have to sort through a batch of photos of wildlife at the garden feeding stations, disk space being an issue.

With the new printer and having to find a hard drive able to accommodate the 16Gb worth of photos on the camera I’ve re-discovered a lot of old favourite photos which aren’t, so far, on flickr. The latest 5 photos were all taken at Marwell Zoo in 2008 and goes to show you don’t need 18million billion megapixels and a drain pipe for a lens to take a good photo (but it does help). These were taken with an 80-400mm sigma lens and my old Canon 5D mk I, an awesome camera in itself but with a paltry 12Mb by today’s standards.

Today’s photo for the blog is particularly poignant, hinted at by the title, I won first place at Dartmoor Zoo‘s photographic competition, though for the more observant of you out there, the image that won was of a Cheetah not a Leopard. It’s not the prize or the fact I was first that I’m so pleased about, the Zoo now have the rights to use my image in their marketing material and it will be fantastic if I see my photo when we visit there next year. For those interested, here’s the page with the photo on and for those not interested, well it’s still the same URL.



  1. Well done sir, very well done!

  2. Thank you 🙂

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