Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/12/2010

No Matter Which Way I Turn…

Curlew, originally uploaded by andyskelton. 

… there’s always a huge bill in front of me! Yes, another TV phrase mangled for my own needs (can you guess which show/episode?).

I manage to take some photos today, but not of the Curlew pictured here. With snow on the ground and the temperature low for the UK, I’d replenished the feeding stations, not for photographic gratification but to ensure an easy meal for the local wildlife. I was rewarded with visits from the usual assortments as well as a pair of pied wagtails, goldfinch and just outside the garden, a pair of Bullfinches.

So why the picture of the Curlew? Well, for one it’s the wallpaper on my iPod and I take great pleasure in looking at it each time I have to unlock the device. More importantly, a new toy was delivered today, an early Christmas present from my Dad (who is currently in much warmer climes… Kenya, and who has been promised on safari to see a leopard! Perhaps I should have written that last bit in green font!). Anyway, back to my Christmas present; I’ve been without a photo printer for a good while but having seen a deal too good to miss, I ordered a Canon (there’s that word again!) Pixma A3+ printer which arrived this afternoon.

To say it’s huge is an understatement; it’s presence in my diminutive office is somewhat dominant. Setting the device up broke with all male tradition, I sat and read the quick setup guide before even taking all the transit tape off the machine. This was in part due to the separate print head which needed to be fitted in the printer before I could add in the 8 print cartridges! I think I’ll name the device, Behemoth.

Anyway, it’s done for my photography what my 1D4 and 600mm previously did. Having printed out half a dozen borderless prints of my photos I have fallen back in love with “my art” and might even concede that I might be “quite good“. Now then can someone arrange for the sun to shine on demand for me please… or else my artistic temperament might just turn Diva!



  1. I like your pic a lot. what wonderful wildlife you have close to hand. I feed the birds, too but don’t get large creatures, unless you count the local magpie trying to intimidate the starlings! Happy new printer. I’m writing this on my brand new (just installed the software) laptop so now I don’t have to trail upstairs to check wordpress or email and can work while away in my camper van once temperatures get better (snow right now). Enjoy your art.

    • Thanks, today has been as good as yesterday with more goldfinch, coal tits and nuthatch at the feeders. Strangely the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, which are usually here at the first sign of cold weather have only been on the surrounding trees and not down to feed. On a side note – great blog, thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts today… Butthole Lane.. that has to be near Shedshed? I remember driving past when – I was at Uni nearby.

  2. Yes, You’re right. Shepshed. Do you live in the Midlands?
    Thanks for the comments about my blog. I’ve been out in the snow today for some shots but posted skulls! Do say hi if you call in. It’s great to find UK people, especially other photographers. BTW I love the close up of the teal! I never seem to be able to get that close!

    • I used to be at Sutton Bonington college and used to go through shepshed on the way home. Taken any photos recently?

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