Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/11/2010

A Regular Visitor


Grey Squirrel, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

It’s not turned out to be the photographic weekend I’d hoped, despite what all the weather websites had promised. There was a distinct lack of sun, in fact with the garden feeding stations replenished the cold weather brought a wide variety of bird life to the garden along with this cheeky rascal.

I’ve finally capitulated to these most resourceful furry fiends, having tried numerous tricks to stop them eating the food I put out for the birds. The most effect deterrent has been the application of vaseline to the feeding station poles. It had no negative affects on the squirrels apart from a lack of dignity as the creatures tried to scramble up the metal rods only to find themselves sliding back down. The spectacle is crying out to be videoed and sent to You’ve Been Framed, a programme that relished in the misfortune of others.. this case, however, is very funny!

I did manage to see the 16 waxwings that are residents in a nearby town. After much hunting around the area, the birds had been present in a tall tree we had passed a number of times. No sooner had I trained the camera on them than they were in flight. I didn’t get any great photos but with a number of other bird watchers present it was nice sharing the experience with others. As the cliche goes – “I’ll be back”.. there.


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