Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/11/2010

The Straw The Broke the Camel’s Back


White Headed Duck, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

.. well, not so much the Camel as my lens extender, and not so much the straw as the photograph! It was after photographing these White Headed Ducks, that I managed to break the 2x extender fitted between my camera and 600mm lens.

For those who don’t know, the device is a miniature lens which, in this case, doubles the effective focal length of the lens being used, so my 600mm becomes a 1200mm albeit with a certain amount of loss of light. Incredibly useful for getting closer to wildlife, I’ve already missed some opportunities to photograph Redwings as I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog entry.

What I’ve really missed though, and this has nothing to do with the lens breakage, is the opportunity to photograph some Waxwings. Having checked the various birding groups, some appeared in a nearby town but having had commitments over the weekend, I didn’t manage to get out to see them. Checking the same groups, it looks like I’ve missed any chance of seeing them but the good news is that there seems to be more of these wonderful birds on their way down, so fingers crossed for this weekend!


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