Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/11/2010


Mandarin, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

….and for those who don’t speak Chinese (or in other words Mandarin!)… finally I’ve got the photo I’ve been trying to take for ages, a sharp and detailed photo of a Manderin Duck. Such a beautiful duck, whenever I’ve tried to photograph them before they’ve always been very shy and so I’ve never taken a satisfactory image. The birds at the Wetlands Trust, Barnes were far from shy.. in fact they came so close at one point that they were too close to focus on using my 600mm.

I particularly like how the reflected eye of the duck is much larger than it’s counter part. It makes it feel quite surreal.

I think I might have mentioned before how I’ve been looking forward to the reappearance of the winter migrants on the berry laden Holly trees that border our garden. The pigeons have stripped most of the fruit but there are still enough berries to entice a flock of Redwings into the garden. Without the 2x extender, the photos are nothing spectacular ( if infact any of mine are), but it’s nice to finally get some photos of these birds plus it’s nice to have photos of them in their environmens as well as such close ups.

Now if only the Redwings would invite a few Waxwings over!



  1. Just beautiful – lovely reflection! I’ve been trying to get a shot of a mandarin duck for ages. I see them occasionally near my home in Richmond but have either been without my camera or the shy little creatures haven’t been near (or still) enough to get a clear shot. Their colours are so vibrant!

    • Thanks, they are very beautiful birds. As mentioned, the ones at the wetlands centre, Barnes are anything but shy so perhaps worth a visit?

  2. Yes, it’s very close so I must go back. Whenever I go there I get distracted by the Eider Ducks, which sound just like Leslie Phillips.

    • That’s funny I said something similar about the eiders – I thought they sounded like Frankie Howerd 🙂 Managed to get a good photo of a female eider but still trying to get a satisfactory one of a male.

      • Aargh! Yes I meant Frankie Howard. I always mix those two up for some reason. 🙂

      • The Eiders were all asleep last time I went, as were the Mandarin- don’t blame them in the cold.

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