Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/10/2010

Gentle Giant


Indian Elephant, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

It’s been a quiet time, photography wise, of late but I did manage my annual trip to Whipsnade Zoo and for once the weather could not have been better. In previous years, the light has been poor with inclement weather and whilst the days initially started out foggy, it soon cleared to a clear blue skied day.

As well as having the weather on my side, this year I had my 1D and 600mm lens to hands, as well as all my other gear. This photo of one of the Indian Elephants was taken with the aforementioned equipment as well as a 2x and 1.5x convertor. With this long focal length, equivalent to 2340mm, a tripod is essential and a gimble head is the best solution for these types of heavy lenses.

I could have done with the elephants assistance, carrying all the equipment round the park all day was very tiring but well worth it for such photos as this.


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