Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/09/2010

Tired out after a prolonged squawk….

Jenday Conure, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

It’s been been over two weeks since I last updated this blog, and the photo I’ve chosen could well have been taken at the same outing as the previous entry. Again, taken at Beale Park I was struck at the wonderful richness of colours for this attractive member of the parrot or conure family.

With the later afternoon sun working in my favour both in it’s intensity and it’s direction in relation to the subject, coupled with a 600mm lens with an 1.5extender on it, it was simplicity to capture these images. Of the whole series I like this one the most. I love watching the birds eating the seeds from the pampas grasses but this one showed it in it’s resting state. Unfortunately not a Norweigian Blue, but it did indeed have lovely plumage.


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