Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/09/2010

Autumn on it’s way

Mushroom, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

No new photos on Flickr, though both my Canon 1D4 and 5D have been worked rather hard this weekend with over 700 shots taken with the 1D4 and 180 taken with the 5D. I think I’ve mentioned before that I take photos for a junior football team on a Saturday and last weekend the team took part in a tournament along with 4 or 5 other local teams.

For three hours I alternated between two pitches, taking photos of each game that our side competed in. Fortuitously I’d decided before the games started that I wouldn’t need to shoot RAW files for the event, this change allowing me to shoot more images per memory card. In the end I filled up both my 8Gb and 1Gb cards, and had a slow 2Gb card in reserve which luckily wasn’t needed.

The lighting was perfect for the whole event and I’m pleased with the majority of the photos. I have managed to whittle them down so that they now manage to fit on one DVD. As mentioned before, these photos, for obvious reasons, will not appear on my Flickr site or this blog but I felt compelled to document the event as it was so much fun to photograph.

The mushroom photo, above, was taken in the wood behind my house two years ago. Whilst I curse this time of year for the lack of good strong light I do enjoy the emergence of the vast array of fungi each year. Such photography requires more discipline than a lot of the photos I take, as I usually have complete control over the “set” with attention required to remove objects that distract from the final image. Hopefully I’ll be posting some mushroom photos in the next few weeks when I will be wax(cap)ing lyrically about them.



  1. Pity about the footy pics – I’d like to see some of your action human work!

    Maybe you could recreate some of the pics with subbuteo to give a flavour…

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