Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 26/08/2010

Is that really me?

Wading, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

This is the final image from my trip to Norfolk and it’s one I’m really pleased with.  Contrary to appearances, whilst taking the series of this pretty little wader the sun was hidden behind clouds and to get any type of sensible shutter speed I had to boost the ISO… in fact, this was taken at ISO 2000!

I’m still amazed by how little noise the Canon 1D4 displays up at these high ISO’ s and how good the images are straight off the camera.  In fact all photos on this blog have only one bit of software run on them before they’re uploaded to Flickr, and that’s to add the watermark at the bottom!  It’s got the stage where I might even consider switching off RAW capture and just rely on the JPGs it produces as I haven’t had to use one RAW file from the 1D since I got it in March.

I know a lot of the Press and Professionals all say that RAW is the only way to shoot, and granted it is a lossless recording method but if you’re pleased with the final image, does it really matter how you got there?  There’s a lot of preciousness in the Photographic world and at the end of the day it shouldn’t matter how you process – it should be the final image that speaks for itself and hopefully this image does just that.



  1. Just seen all the shots of Flickr Andy, wonderful work! I have just been up to Norfolk for four days and the rain and unsetteld conditions are still at work!

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