Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/08/2010

Whatta Vole

Water Vole, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

How strange that the highlight, photography wise, of my trip to the mecca of the birding world, Cley Next the Sea, was actually a mammal and not a bird. A mostly grey and windy day, the sun shone briefly whilst I photographed one of Britain’s rarities, the Water Vole. Perched on some algae, the vole was unperturbed by my snapping and only disappeared after it was startled by passers by. All the water voles I’ve manage to see have been hidden amongst reeds and grass so this was a real opportunity to photograph what must be one of the UK’s cutest animals.



  1. Great shot! Sometimes in photography you take what you can get. And often it’s not what you expected.

  2. I think it was well worth your “birdless” time Andy, this is an absoultely superb capture of a rare and shy animal. Superb.

    • Thanks, I loved this shot. I’m very pleased with my latest duck series as well.

  3. Wonderful shot !

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