Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/07/2010

Sita the Cheetah.. and the power of the Internet

Cheetah, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

This is going to be the last photo from my thoroughly enjoyable trip to Dartmoor Zoo I’m going to blog and I’m finishing on what I think is my best photo, though Flickr stats may reflect a different opinion.

I love this photo on many different levels; obviously the sharpness, framing, and lighting are all spot on which makes the photo technically pleasing but photography is so much more than raw vs jpg, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO – it’s more the emotion it evokes. When the shutter is pressed and the photo taken, none of the technicalities involved in capturing the subject matters, just the final image. Something that can never be conveyed is the “thrill” of the chase which influences why I like this photo so much. I had to take two parts off my lens when taking this, as the Cheetah was approaching me and getting too close; as such I had a mad scramble getting the gear all back and working, then focus, frame and check exposure all which got the adrenaline going – something best not to have when snapping.

I was helped out by another one of the fantastic DZP staff who kept calling to the Cheetah.  And DZP have helped me in another way; I follow them on Twitter and they posted several tweets and included a link on their Facebook page to my Flickr account for which I am incredibly greatful.  Needless to say my highest daily  hit rate record on Flickr was smashed by 230% – all down to the power of the Internet (and of course DZP)….. Power To The People (another TV quote)


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