Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/07/2010

By any other name…

Rose, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

There are some flowers, as I think I’ve mentioned before, however hard you try and capture them, their essence (literally) cannot be relayed through a bunch of pixels. Bluebells, and Roses are two such plants.

Roses are always interesting to photograph, their outer enticing layers and their tightly closed inner recesses. These photos were hastily shot in the Rose Garden at work. I had planned to spend my lunchtime carefully recording the blooms but instead only had a few minutes after work, something else having come up at the allotted time. All were shot hand-held with my usual setup, 1D4 with 150mm macro lens and flash gun.

The rather bizarre part of the session was the various work staff walking past focused on their normal work issues whilst I took my photos as if in an alternate reality.


  1. Great shot! Thanks for the photo detail settings. That really helps me.

  2. Very nice article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up posting.

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