Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/07/2010

Choices, choices..

Scarlet, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

Despite the melancholy look to the sky this morning, and despite having left my camera battery at home on it’s charger, I’ve managed a rather productive afternoon of photography.

A local charity, Thrive, only opens it’s doors to the public a couple of times a year, this weekend being one of them. It’s a short drive from our village so having nipped back to get the battery I spent a couple of hours wandering round their wonderful gardens.

For those interested in Thrive, you can find out more what they do on their website . Of great and deserved pride was their Gold Medal winning garden from Chelsea – fantastic.

I could have stayed in their gardens far longer, and looking back at some of the images, I would like to try and retake them again but still, 35 images uploaded to Flickr is a good start.



  1. this is a really good shot! Love the color and depth of field.

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