Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/07/2010

An older photo

Rose, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

I’ve had a rather excellent day taking far in excess of 14Gb worth of photos; again like the Corporate event, none of which will find their way on to flickr or this blog. I take photos for a kids football team each Saturday which are then being compilied into a year book for the club. It’s a world away from the photos I’m used to taking but I thoroughly enjoy it.

I’m rather worried at the moment as, after a rather heavy storm, there is no sign of the vast numbers of honey bees that were visiting the lavender at home. Coming home feels rather empty as the lavender beds no longer echo to the resounding buzz the honey bees provided. There are still at least 4 variety of bees but none of my beloved honey bees.

This photo, a favourite of mine, was a hand held snap taken last year on a rather overcast day in the gardens of a stately home and which I feel captures the essence but not the aroma of this beautiful flower.



  1. That is stunning!!!!!

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