Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/07/2010

Who dunnit…

Strawberry, originally uploaded by andyskelton.

The mystery continues… despite a couple of attempts to thwart my garden thieves and despite a healthy crop of Strawberries from all the plants that have fruited, we still have only managed to eat two or three strawberries ourselves.

I keep leaving the fruit “just one more day” only to find next morning that red plump berry has disappeared or been half eaten.

Now I know that the blackbirds have pecked a couple of them but the evidence has always been sufficient to deduce this. Missing fruit leave no clues so perhaps I will have to invest in some motion capture triggers or read a few more of the Conan-Doyle novels so I can better interpret signs left by the culprit(s).



  1. My initial thoughts were perhaps a squirrel Andy, but, if the fruit is disappearing overnight it wouldnt be would it? Lovely simplicity in this shot.

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